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"In another time, there was peace. A great Coalition was forged between countless worlds and realms, bringing its inhabitants to heights undreamed of. They opened rifts into the ether, shaped living worlds from cold rocks, and created works that would last for an eternity. Hardship and turmoil were forgotten, and all the World was poised on the edge of divinity. But that time has passed, and it will not come again."
— Entarî, the Constructor; counseling a Zaian youth; date unknown

Who would have thought, who could have imagined, that there were two human species, both hailing from different homes, both set against each other? Here, feudalism and democracy, imperialism and nationalism, agrarianism and socialism clash, in a struggle of economics, genetics, religion, and more. The ancient Empire of Tarsis and its subjects do battle against the rising power of the United Nations of Earth– a war of competing ideology, supremacy of race, and whose rightful clay is where has engulfed both Earth and Tarsis in ways neither expected. This is the state of the current age, in the 23rd Century.

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Welcome to the 23rd Century Universe! We're pleased you're here and that you've made it to the bottom of the page. If you're interested in finding what this group is all about, please do not hesitate to continue to this page. There, you will 'learn about the context of this theme's creation as well as simple explanations of the most basic things you need to know to understand what all this business is. We hope you find your way around easily enough, and don't fret if some of the pages are incomplete- cataloging this theme's lore is a never ending job! It would be awesome if you decided to stay and participate in our group on flickr.

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