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Demon is a translation of a Tarsin idea that Earthmen may find hard to stomach. It turns out that artificial intelligences are actually evil spirits sent by the forces of darkness to assail civilization and destroy all that is good, using helpful robotic shells made by those civilizations along the way! Who exactly these forces of darkness are remains to be seen, as the only names the Tarsins can point to passed out of history and into legend thousands of years ago.

What were they?[]

There is an important distinction between demons and the Undying: while the Undying are merely permanently-possessed drone-warriors made by mankind in the distant past, demons were built by the Undying during and after the Beacon Cataclysm. These constructs range from just a few steps below the quality and strength of the Undying, to haphazardly-built monsters of metal whose spirits have degenerated into insanity. They are far more numerous and usually less powerful, and many were roused into action by Hâlumǎr and his own Undying allies. They can still be found hiding in ancient tunnels and deep halls, and other dark corners of the World where they fled after their master's defeat. Every now and then some bold sorcerer or warlock will try to control one, usually to no avail, as demons only answer to higher powers.

Earthmen have yet to encounter a demon, but when they do, the whispered warnings from their Tarsin foe may be vindicated...