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Digondarian League
Capital Digondar
Religion New Faith, indigenous beliefs
Languages Digondarian Standard, Imperial Standard
Government Aristocratic confederation
Leader High Steward Talîkô XXVI


First contact was made with the Digondarians at the tail end of the reconquest, at the colony of Umalis. It was soon learned that there had been a great disaster some centuries previously, and Digondar itself had fallen back into feral chaos. The Emperor vowed to aid the aliens himself, provided they swear fealty to him. Because of his personal interest in the mission, probably the only reason Digondar was retaken at all, the Digondarians are very loyal to the throne of Tarsis. The Digondar League was formed after the rebuilding, a loose confederation between the home planet and the colonies, under a High Steward.

The Digondarians traditionally have a close relationship with the Tarsins, because of their shared past. Digondar is nearly as old a civilization of Tarsis, heavily influenced by it, and they have fought the same battles and struggled against the same great odds time and again. Unlike the Vasîv or Thyrendi, the Digondarians have never held anything back in service to the Empire. Some of the Digondarian leadership even grew up among humans, such as High Steward Talîkô XXVI, the current leader of the League.


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