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The Empire of Tarsis
Imperial banner
Imperial banner
Capital Tarsis (The Imperial City)
Religion New Faith, indigenous beliefs
Languages Imperial Standard Tarsin, High Tarsin, thousands of local dialects
Government Absolute monarchy
Leader Unknown

The Empire of Tarsis is the core realm of the Coalition and Nine Realms. It is the strongest military, industrial, and economic power in the alliance. Most of history's drama has had the Empire of Tarsis at its heart. 

Notable Locations []

There are over a thousand inhabited planets in the Empire, these are but a few of them. A good fraction of these were settled in the days before the cataclysm, worlds with a population in the billions and completely industrialized and urbanized. However, those days did not last forever, and the million worlds of man were reduced to a few dozen worlds of man. Despite the disasters of bygone centuries, these pre-cataclysm worlds are still centers of culture, commerce, industry, and population in the Empire. 

But for the last ten thousand years, many of the Old Coalition's seeds have borne fruit, as hundreds of terraformed planets complete their cycle every millennium. The Empire is sure to dispatch settlers to claim known locations as they become ideal for human life, while braver free enterprisers set off into the unknown to look for those worlds not recorded. These post-cataclysm planets are rarely as heavily inhabited as the pre-cataclysm ones, and most are relatively unspoiled by human affairs.

The Empire[]

Imperial Demesne[]

Duchy of Erahalîon[]

Duchy of Thôvîon[]

Duchy of Thurajîon[]

Duchy of Vogelîon[]

The Guild Worlds[]

  • Alelîz
  • Hvôr
  • Nenha
  • Ǔnhâdra


*abandoned, quarantined, and removed from all but military starcharts

Kingdom of Îarôvik[]

The Kingdom of Îarôvik was destroyed in the Age of Affliction, but one relic persists:

Kingdom of Vahîn[]

The Kingdom of Vahîn was destroyed in the Age of Hordes, but two relics persist:

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