23rd Century Universe Wiki

Entarî is perhaps the oldest living thing in the World. Nothing else in the galaxy comes close to matching his great age; nothing alive, that is. He claims to have been once an architect and engineer, the most likely origin of his epithet, which people have called him by for seemingly forever.

As the most senior Zaian, it is his duty to lead his people, not that they actually need to be led. The Zaian take care of themselves quite well, his only job is to deal with the more uppity youth when they threaten to break the policy of reservation, indirect action, and soft power the Zaian have. He has not always been successful.

At the current moment, Entarî's whereabouts are unknown, as they usually are. He appears where he is needed when he is needed, and vanishes again quickly after. No one in the Coalition has seen him since the early days of Earth's 23rd century. But, he is out there, perhaps fighting battles the mortal races will never hear of, and defending against threats no more than mere whispers to most.

Or maybe, he's just relaxing on some fortunate noble's personal moon, enjoying life's pleasures as best an old crystal construct can.