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A literal translation of Hâlǔmǎr would be blackheart, but to translate the cultural weight of this name to the Tarsins, Antichrist would be most proper. As Christian history is quite separate from Tarsin history, the former translation is preferred.


What little is known of Hâlǔmǎr before his ascension to the throne is shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that he emerged in the court of Emperor Sîn-Ǔshurôs, some few decades before the end of his reign. Using powers unknown to the modern age, Hâlǔmǎr extended the Emperor's life, earning his trust. He also promised Sîn-Ǔshurôs great glory, if he but unsealed the underworld of Tarsis. The Emperor, so entranced by the lies of Hâlǔmǎr, actually did it, releasing several legions of Undying and all their demonic spawn. Disaster ensued, and Hâlǔmǎr declares himself Emperor once Tarsis was under his rule. The Tarsin kings denied him, naming him merely a "Shadow Emperor," but they were fated to fall, doomed by their own petty greed and arrogance.

Over the next five centuries, Hâlǔmǎr is said to have become more machine than man, leaving the destruction of the Tarsin outer kingdoms to his captains. Rarely did he emerge from the underworld, but his orders found their way to the captains nonetheless. On all conquered worlds, great factories were built, where the populace was slowly transformed into monstrous creatures half-made of metal. These were his soldiers, and the vessels that preserved the human soul for the coming world, which Hâlǔmǎr was said to have called the "Far Realm." The only thing that ensured mankind was still around after five hundred years was how slow the conversion process was. Billions still lived under the Shadow Emperor at the time of the Savior's birth, the Savior himself included.

Hâlǔmǎr the Shadow Emperor too was fated to fall, though. The Savior attacked him on Tarsis just before the arrival of the "Far Realm" could begin, a process that is said would destroy the whole World. To shorten a long story, Hâlǔmǎr was defeated by the Savior, at great cost. The World has never known a foe greater than Hâlǔmǎr, for his victory was complete, but for the strength of one mortal man who stood against him.