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Important note: much of this is trivialized due to the fact that we don't want to step on or touch near-future topics or make any huge social commentary as to the state of the world, past or present. The United Nations of Earth is just a name used for a bunch of familiar humans mucking about in a science fiction theme. Don't read too much into it, please.

A More Civilized Era (1,700s, 1,969)[]

Most of what was known about Earth prior to the Great Happening that initiated the Aetus Tumultous has been either suppressed or forgotten. But what is known was that the seventeenth to twenty-first centuries were the best and probably will remain the best years of the human race. It was a time where thought and ingenuity transcended the world around them, shaping and bending them to their will. All the old history books talk of inventions upon inventions that improved the quality of life at an exponentially increasing rate each passing year. While it is also said that there were a great number of tragedies and atrocities that happened, the positive advances still hugely outweighed the bad. For the most part, no one really talks about this time because no one actually lived in it and everyone has the impression that it was generally fairly pleasant.

Rising Tension (1,969, 2,064)[]

The Great Happening (2,064)[]

It is always speculated as to how the Great happening was- well, allowed to happened. As far as any historians can recall, everything was mostly good right up until this time. All of a sudden, though, the Earth stood still.

The greatest weapon of war that the human race had conceived at that point, through the use of centuries of discovery into relativistic physics that were responsible for producing the nuclear bomb and the intercontinental ballistic missile that housed it, was launched. It landed and subsequently exploded at a spot that is believed to have been called "Socal," leaving a large crater that is still there to this day, though now

Aetus Tumultous (,)[]

A Brief Recovery[]


The Present Time[]

Into the Unfathomable Void[]

The Colonies[]


The Honker War, the Early Days[]

Siege of Othaen and the Tarsins[]