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Etherships of the Tarsin and Vasîv variety meet up on the search for Earth. Formally, they're both in the Imperial Navy. In practice, though...

Canon date: 2013

The modern navy of the Coalition was born under the reign of the first Emperor. With communications and logistics still very problematic, the Emperor organized the ships at his command into separate fleets. The First Fleet was under direct Imperial command, while the Second Fleet served Vogelîon, which was second to only Tarsis, and the Third Fleet was given over to the Thyrendi Kingdom. All subsequent Fleets were created after, by order of necessity. Each sector has its own contingent of ships, stationed at the regional capital planet. However, most spend their time on the frontiers.

Even for a centralized force, the Imperial Navy is rather chaotic by Earth standards. There was once a numbering system in place, in the early days, but things have since fragmented. Institutional segregation of races, standard policy for all Nine Realms, has driven wedges between each Realm's naval divisions. One single Imperial Navy is something of an illusion. The real case is more accurately described as the Tarsin Imperial Navy with some alien contingents, plus a handful of other separate navies that sometimes work in collusion with it. 

This autonomous organization does not change the fact that the Coalition's navy is the only centralized military force. Unlike the armies, the Fleets are all standardized, armed with the same weapons and equipped with the same gear. Each sector's contingent is headed by a Fleet Lord, an unusual mix of military, nobility, and bureaucratic station. Promotion to Fleet Lord is based on merit alone, and applies to the holder of the title only; it cannot be passed down through heredity. However, this has not stopped the title from being held by a single family in some sectors.

Since the entire naval structure of the Nine Realms is under the command of Tarsis, alien Realms often find themselves in an awkward position. The Vasiv, who never had a concept of nobility, find one of their own holding the title of Fleet Lord. The Kisterik, an almost entirely female species, also find one of their own being addressed as Fleet Lord. The Tarsins find aliens as members of their own nobility something most confusing. Usually, these non-sequiturs will be changed to something more fitting for each race, though they play the exact same role.