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Illness is a problem for any species without high grade medical technology. This problem is compounded by dozens, if not thousands, of separated populations who have had centuries to breed their own pool of contagions that none of the other populations are ever exposed to. Naturally, complications arise.

Conquistadors? Think again![]

It is said that in the distant past, when Tarsis was separated from its daughter-worlds of Vogelîon and Chakâr for a few centuries, and found they weren't willing to come back under the same political banner, there was a war fought. Within a month of ground assault, the Tarsins and their foes immediately all became horrendously sick with each other's diseases. Both sides knew their foe would have no immunity to their own diseases, but neither stopped to consider that this would go both ways, to devastating effect. The would-be conquerors, who had hoped their own illnesses would lay waste to their enemy, were conquered just as badly in the end. Earthmen draw parallels to Cortez and smallpox, but only if the Aztecs had an equally deadly disease to give to Cortez and his men too.

Today, the Coalition remains well aware of this. That story is posted in all Naval offices, to remind commoners and soldiers alike why they can't just leave their planets whenever they want. There is a myriad of vaccinations and inoculations that Imperial Navy personnel must go through, as well as civilian and Guild merchants and sailors. Allied races must do the same in their own states, especially long-established and highly populated realms like Digondar. Luckily, cross-species disease is exceedingly rare thanks to vastly different biologies. Only the dreaded plague pays no heed to this.