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Sirius Space Port, in orbit around the capitol planet in the Sirius system, was completed three years after the start of the war with the arkanin of the Othaen Federation. Primarily, it served as a major trade hub and resupply depot between Earth and the far colonies of Cimmeria  and New Courland. Freighters would top up on supplies and crews would stretch their legs before the long haul voyages to the frontier, and thus every necessity and amenity expected of a traditional port could be found on the station.

Businesses and Services[]

Several independent companies leased warehouse space and docking facilities around the northern ring. From here, cargo containers were loaded onto maglev lines for transfer from ships to warehouses, and warehouses to ships. The system was largely automated, run with limited human supervision.

Rival companies often used the train system to play practical jokes on one another; hiring bands to play irritating music while trawling through warehouses, or loading particularly fragrant blocks of cheese for unscheduled transport. 

All lodging, food, and recreational services were located in the central ring, with the exception of small on-site restaurants operated independently by companies for workers' benefit. Shopping centers, swimming pools and rec centers were interspersed with apartment blocks - all interlinked with passenger equipped versions of the cargo maglevs. The outer line ran high-speed, long distance trips while the inner line would stop at each station.

Despite being a Federal station, security mostly turned a blind eye to small-time prostitution, mostly because half of them were involved themselves in some way or another.

Technical Operations[]

Chemical fuels were refined on site from comets and asteroids brought in by Tachyon Tugs and stored in shielded tanks. Power for the station was delivered by two redundant pairs on fusion cores on each ring.

Worth noting is the fact that Sirius Station was by far the largest station ever built by the people of Earth. It was funded by the Federal government in the interest of accelerating the shipment of goods and people to colonize the Western planets, with construction beginning decades before contact was made with the Coalition. 

Solar panels were included in older plans, but were later scrapped because, even when you're around two of the most luminescent stars around, nuclear fusion is still a more efficient means of generating energy.

That, and when the planet you live on is only habitable because of its distance from its binary stars, you don't get a whole lot of photon particles to capture. Sorry to say this, ecomongers, but when you're deep in space; photovoltaic panels really suck.