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The Tagliani was commissioned in the year 2150 by Pau Interplanetary Shipping. Launched in stages and assembled in orbit, the modular vessel served as a goods shuttle between the well established colonies of Sirius and Epsilon Eridani. Not having the haul capacity for basic colonization startup, the Tagliani mostly found itself shipping luxuries and mail from families across the UNE.

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The Tagliani is a relatively early vessel in UNE history, constructed well before the Othaen war began. The seven struts running the length of the ship are actually comprised of two sliding rails each, allowing the cargo bay to be sized according to need. The ability to shorten the vessel eases orbital maneuvering and drastically reduces the amount of energy required to maintain a Tachyon FTL bubble.

The crewed area of the ship is held by two extendable booms off to the side - extending for artificial gravity in transit and retracting with the counterweight cargo for orbital maneuvers. 

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