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The Coalition is divided into nine very much not equal parts, called Realms.

The Realms[]

On the Origin and Purpose of Realms[]

Once, the Coalition of old was connected and operated by the macrospace beacons. However, the catastrophe regarding those beacons resulted in a massive loss of technology, development, and order, as the World was plunged into chaos. When the first Emperor vowed to bring the scattered planets under his control, he created a system that would not be easily dismantled by technological failure. He, and his successors, would forge the Nine Realms.

The Emperor rules from Tarsis, and there all the houses of noble blood answer to him. Throughout rest of the Imperial Realm, the Tarsins of high birth control the sectors. The old, large colonies have the highest nobility ruling, while the less important the planet gets, the less important of a noble commands. The Captain-Governor of Mithaz is outranked by the Baron of Chakâr, who is outranked by the Count of Ai-Kaion, who is outranked by the Duke of Vogelîon, and finally, the Emperor of Tarsis outranks them all. This hierarchy carries on beyond the Imperial Realm, wherever Tarsins may be found in great numbers. But, it does not apply to non-Tarsin planets. 

The other eight Realms have their own ways of doing things. In the Thyrendi Realm, officially the Kingdom of Thyrenda, only the royal family has hereditary rights. All others must work for their position, ensuring a highly competent and well-run state. The Arkanin Realm, officially the Othaen Federation, is run by an elite oligarchy of a few shadowy individuals, and is highly nepotistic, hindering effective governance. The Kisterik Realm works of its own accord, having little in the way of government above planetary levels. Each state is left to its own governing devices.